New Year Focus

There were many highlights in 2023. I’m a published author. I also turned 40 and traveled to nine countries with my dear friends to celebrate. We got through our first year of marriage! My sister is pregnant. We bought a piece of land to build our dream home from the ground up. There is so much to be genuinely grateful for. I was having dinner with my husboo on NYE and he asked me what some of my intentions were for 2024 and it took me a minute to gather my thoughts. Here’s how my brain played out during the convo. “Hmm…what are my goals? this Ashanti playing? Ok stay focused. Wow those silver heals are fabulous. What should I drink next? Oh right, focus! I think I need to blot. Wait, focus!” One word that kept popping up was focus. It’s something I’ve been struggling with for the past year and to be honest maybe my whole life. It’s just getting more and more difficult for me. So this year I want to focus on my mental health and I want to focus on having meaningful connections. Sending you all lots of love and wishing you all a healthy and colorful new year!