Holidays with Mitzi

Lighting plays a crucial role in holiday decor as it sets the mood and creates ambiance. Mitzi is where I find thoughtfully crafted lighting to enhance the overall festive vibe. My collection with Mitzi is super versatile and will help you layer different lighting options to work with any design style, especially during the holiday season. They add a bit of sculptural interest and dimension to a space. It can be a bit stressful around this time of year so I like to keep my holiday decor really easy. I know lighting can be intimidating but Mitzi makes it fun and simple with their helpful tips and support from their design experts. They have a wide selection of fixtures to choose from to match your style. Once you pick out your high quality lights, you can hang a garland on a sconce or a sparkly tassel ornament on a lamp, like I did here to add a touch of warm, holiday cheer.

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This holiday, welcome Mitzi into your home.

Mitzi lights can transform a space and evoke the spirit of celebration. They can complement your whimsical holiday decor as well as highlight all the special memories in your home. Just like personal mementos that make your space unique, lighting makes your home feel intimate and welcoming for your family and guests. One of our holiday traditions is adding something old and new to our Christmas tree. This year, we found a vintage satin ornament and a double decker bus from London which makes decorating a tree feel more personal. Have fun creating a festive ambience that brings joy and warmth to your home and for your guests during the holiday season.

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