Seekender Canyon Crawl • Antelope Canyon

The next stop on our Seekender Canyon Crawl with Hampton by Hilton is the breathtaking Antelope Canyon. It's located on Navajo Nation land in Page, Arizona. The canyon is separated into two separate sections – the upper and lower. Both have their unique features and when I couldn't pick one, I decided to visit both! They're across the street from each other so why not?! The drive was about 2hr and 30min from Flagstaff. Just turn up some fun playlists and have it downloaded because reception is spotty or non existent if you plan to use streaming services. 

Antelope Canyon can only be visited through guided tours. Because of flash floods, it can be very dangerous, even if there aren't any rain in the area. I made reservations ahead of time, thinking that was the only way to get in but when I got there, it looks like they accept walk-ins as well. This was most definitely the highlight of our trip. 


The Navajo name for Upper Antelope Canyon is Tsé Bighánílíní, which means, "The place where water runs through rocks." This is the more popular canyon of the two because it's at ground level and requires no climbing. The shape of upper canyon is more like a cone so the famous light beam are more common here. 

There are only five tours that will take visitors on this beautiful journey. We chose the Antelope Canyon Navajo Tour, but you can also check out the Antelope Canyon Tour, Grand Circle Adventures, the Overland Canyon Tour and the Tse Bighanilini Tour. Depending on your tour time, you will get to witness the light beams in the canyon. Our tour started at 9am and we didn't get a chance to spot any. It's $40 a person, plus another $8 for entrance fee. 


The Navajo name for Lower Antelope Canyon is Hasdestwazi or "spiral rock arches." There's only one tour servicing this canyon and it's Ken's tours. So, I know everyone's favorite is the upper but I loved Lower Antelope Canyon more. I loved that we got to climb into the canyon to experience it. And by climb, I really mean, just walking up and down a few stairs. I saw 5 year olds doing it, so it's nothing crazy. And I wasn't really expecting any light beams here but guess what, we got some! And it only cost $20 for the regular tour. They also offer a photography tour guide for $42. 

Canyon Crawl • Antelope Canyon

I had to take a little nap in the canyon to recover from all this beauty. 

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