Renovating My Guest Bathroom Part Two • Reveal

Sponsored by The Home Depot 

Are you ready for this fabulous reveal? Back in August I began the process of renovating our guest bathroom with help from The Home Depot Home Services, and now I get to show you how all their expertise paid off.

As a refresher, I chose to redo this bathroom because it’s the last space in our home that needed a little more love. It’s small (about 5x8 feet), and it had been poorly remodeled when we got the house. Remember it was completely dark with no natural light? After meeting with Jace, a Home Depot Service Provider and local certified bath remodel professional for a consultation, we did a complete walk through and talked about my grand design plans. As I mentioned in the previous blog post, I was inspired by my trip to Mexico City earlier this year, where I found some colorful dice in orange, greens, and yellows. And that’s where the color story begins for this space. That’s how I start designing for all my spaces.

Let’s start from the beginning, shall we? Grab some popcorn or popcorn chicken and I hope you enjoy this journey! Demo went smoothly. Thank goodness! The Home Depot Home Services crew arrived every morning on time, energized and ready to tackle the space. They made sure to cover my other rooms to eliminate as much dust as possible. They removed everything in the bathroom and we discovered the subfloors and plumbing needed to be updated. I’m glad we did that. 

Afterwards, they added insulation, new drywall, and floated the walls to prep for tile installation. And per Jace’s suggestion, we flip-flopped the plumbing where the vanity and toilet were to create a better flow. During this time, we also passed the first inspection. The Home Depot Home Services also coordinated all the permits with the county, which is great cause that’s one thing less for me to stress about.

Let’s talk tiles. I started combing through The Home Depot online and found these rust-colored zellige tiles, and knew they would be a perfect fit. I just love the color variations which add so much depth and visual interest. Initially I was inspired by these colorful dices I found in Mexico City, but you know what? I realized that I’ve actually been using rust-colored towels in my own bathroom so I think subconsciously, I wanted to use this color in a bigger and bolder way here. Sometimes that’s just how a color story is worked into a space for me.

The Home Services team has an expert tiler and we discussed how I wanted to install them floor to ceiling to create a big and bold, colorful statement in this small space. They loved the idea and we went over a couple grout line options. Typically, they recommend ⅛” grout line for these kind of tiles but I thought it was visually just too big of a line and the tile expert agreed so we went with 1/16” which was the perfect size. Then I picked out terracotta colored grout that was just a bit lighter than the tiles but when it’s wet, it’s actually darker. I wanted the tiles to be the focus and didn’t want a distracting grout color. They did such an amazing job installing this. The tiles are straight and perfect. I’ve never met such a master tiler before. 

For the floors I went with green hexagon porcelain tiles. I love a big hexagon pattern for floors. I chose green to balance all the warm color up on top. We also have green tiles in our other two bathrooms so I wanted to keep it a bit consistent. Then I chose a warm white grout color since the edges have a bit of light white faded color. All these tiles have variations which I think adds so much personality and a handmade quality to it.

Oh, I completely skipped our new bathtub. We decided to go with a 32 wide tub. It has a clean flat front and it’s pretty deep too. Since our other bathrooms are walk-in showers, we needed a tub here. Alright, are you ready to see the Dabformation?!

Here it is! Serving carrot cake deliciousness! I’ve already taken two baths and that’s more than I’ve taken in the past 10 years! What do you guys think?

As much as I love my new tiles, I have to say that these shower doors are fabulous! It’s definitely the icing on the carrot cake. Ha! Why go straight when you can go curvy, am I right? At first I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go with curtains or doors, but it came down to wanting to show off these beautiful tiles. And I decided to do an arch. Typically you see these shower doors come in basic rectangular shapes but guess what you can get them in different shapes so this arch definitely adds some drama to the space. The Home Depot Home Services crew suggested sapphire glass, which doesn't have the green tint. It’s a bit more of an investment but the crystal clear finish is so worth it!


You know I had to upgrade to a bidet (with an automatic seat opener and flusher!) for a little extra fanciness. The Home Services team created a new outlet just for it. I love it so much. I picked out a Mid-Century style vanity in walnut. The 30” was the perfect size here. I like how it’s not jammed against the wall. It’s nice to have some breathing room between the tiles and vanity. I must admit, we had a small hurdle to overcome for the bottom drawer. It was hitting the p-trap, but you’d never notice since the The Home Depot Home Services team was quick to troubleshoot and cut a U-shape so it looks like it was intentionally designed that way. I was impressed.

We added a skylight. It’s such a subtle but effective transformation because it brought in some much needed brightness. As for finishing touches, we brought in brass light fixtures and continuing with the arches theme, I found this arched gold mirror. The shower trims, handshower and sink faucets are Delta Faucet which I’ve always been a fan of. And then to soften up the space, I hung colorful striped towels, added a bath mat that perfectly matches the floor tile, and a little art because no space in my home is complete without it. The art is a Dabito original from 2004 which, not surprisingly, has rust, yellow, and green.

And there you have it! I am completely obsessed with my guest bathroom. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to finally have this bathroom for my guests to use. I couldn’t have gotten such a transformation without the help from The Home Depot Home Services. Even though I love a good DIY project, I’m so grateful that they tackled this one for me. Home renovations can be scary, but this team of professionals makes the process so much less stressful. Not only could I rest easy knowing everything would be absolutely seamless (tiles are tricky), but I got to sit back and really focus on the design elements. This was by far the best renovation project I’ve ever done. Well, that’s because I had a team I could rely on and trust. And I know I said this was our last room to redo, but now that I know how much easier it is with pros like these, I may just have to start dreaming up other spaces to refresh! Seriously, I recommend you all to run to your local The Home Depot and check out The Home Depot Home Services team to get a quote and let them update your home for you.