My Moody New Orleans Bedroom

Sponsored by The Home Depot

With my living room already starting to feel like home, the next space to tackle in our New Orleans abode is the bedroom. Since winter is on its way, I wanted the bedroom to feel especially warm and welcoming, so I’m grateful to partner with The Home Depot to create a dreamy vibe in my new space.

I’ve been on a floral kick lately. Before I even got started I knew I wanted to give the bedroom a moody, floral, romantic feel with vintage — and vintage-inspired — accents like Chinoiserie, Asian art, and other handcrafted pieces. I know from past makeovers that offers exclusive decor collections that are the perfect compliment to my flea market finds.

As always, I started off my design concept with a color story. You know I love greens and blues, so I stuck with my go-to palette to keep the room feeling familiar and comforting. And since I’ve been doing so many vibrant colors, I wanted to create a darker space. I picked out this navy blue/teal (BEHR Juniper Berries). This was my first time painting the ceiling a different color than the wall. Initially I wanted everything blue but decided to do green (BEHR Royal Orchard) up top for a fun accent. The Indonesian necklace hanging on the wall is from Whitney J Decor. The throw pillows are from Xasmin Interiors.

Let’s discuss this bed. I chose a simple and versatile honey wood platform bed frame from Home Depot’s Stylewell collection, since I knew I was gonna use a vintage headboard. The mattress is Beautyrest, which I’ve tried before. I love that they use sustainable materials to promote cleaner oceans. The headboard I scored at a vintage shop. I've never seen anything like it. It's a hand painted screen but also seems to have some Asian design elements. I found this one from a local vintage shop in New Orleans called Merchant House and the vendor is Finch Hatton Design.

The bedding offered a great opportunity to continue building my color story. To stick to the same family, I topped off these classic white organic cotton sateen sheets from The Company Store with a soft coral coverlet. For even more harmony — and more flowers! — I also added on a teal comforter that will also amp up the coziness when it gets a little cooler. Believe it or not, New Orleans actually gets below 30°F in the winter. And speaking of colder weather, I’m planning to swap out my sheets for some soft blue plaid flannel ones when I need a little extra warmth, and just because I always like to change things up, a damask duvet cover is a great option to have on hand when I want to mix up the bedding again. All these warm bedding options are from their Home Decorators Collection. 

On either side of the bed, I placed a matching set of hexagonal walnut end tables from Home Decorators Collection. I love the hext top, arches, and turned legs. I’ve used them before for another makeover and I’ve always thought about having them in my home. I would have had to hunt the flea markets forever to find something so perfect! I paired it matching Chinoiserie ginger jar lamps to add more florals into the mix. So, I also tried another look, which I think it’s a bit granny chic with this antique style quilt. What do you all think? Haha! 

After layering all those cooler tones, I wanted to warm things up with terracotta and coral hues for a nice balance. I’ve always believed a good area rug is a smart way to unify a space, and this Unique Loom had everything I was looking for: The colors are perfect, it has a floral motif, and it has an antique, lived-in look that I love.

And to add an earthy feel to the space, I picked out this wooden dresser from The Home Depot’s exclusive label, Home Decorators Collection. They have so many wonderful designs in their collection. And I always gravitate towards pieces with interesting details and I love the woven detail on the top drawers on this dresser. Also digging the antique style gold framed mirror I placed by the door above a vintage piece. You really can’t even tell the mirror isn’t vintage! 

But as always, I wanted to include some elements of modernity, like the black table lamp which adds some sleekness. 

The final look feels balanced and soothing, but also eclectic — from the mix of old and new — in a way that’s ultimately me. And when you’re trying to create a sense of home in a new space, that’s pretty priceless. And speaking of prices, I couldn’t have done it without so many standout pieces from, which just so happens to be offering some serious decor deals for the holidays. So keep your eyes peeled for holiday gifts and stylish pieces for your own makeover!