My Mom’s Bedroom Makeover

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Remember when I helped my mom transform her living room three years ago? It was a hoarder central mess. Well, it’s time to finally redo her bedroom! For a quick refresh, my mom, sister and niece shares a one bedroom apartment because that’s what they can afford. It breaks my heart that none of them have their own private space. My niece is in middle school and desperately wants her own bedroom. I know exactly what she’s going through because I never had my own room til I went to college. I’m currently saving up to get them a bigger place. But until then, let’s make this work!

And ever since I moved back to LA, my family’s been coming over to my house which means I haven’t really checked up on her apartment. So when I finally did a few weeks ago, they had a total relapse. They’ve accumulated all the mess again. I wasn’t really surprised because we’ve been through this a few times before. The only difference now is that my mom is having an easier time letting go of things. I’m actually quite impressed. I consider all of this like family bonding time. We’re all going through things, telling stories about some of the things we’re letting go. You know, some families go to Yellowstone for vacation, we go to Goodwill for donations! Ha! I’ve been sharing the whole process in my Instagram Stories (Highlights) and I wanna to say a quick thank you to those who sent encouraging messages along with people sharing their own experiences of their parents’ hoarding tendencies and how it affects so many immigrant families. Y’all are not alone!

Anywho, we ready for the bedroom reveal?! Let’s do this!

BAMSHAKALAKA! So first things first, we added lots of storage. They didn’t have enough drawers so I bought two dressers and placed them next to each other to make it look like one custom unit along the wall. Now there are 12 drawers plus 4 more from the bed. We are saying goodbye to using plastic bags as storage and having stuff on the floors! They had a queen bed before. We decided to replace it with two twin beds (with drawers for extra storage) so my sister and niece can sleep separately. It’s about time. Can you believe my niece is gonna be 13 this year?! And my sister is turning 30. Crazy how time flies.

Now comes the fun part, let’s inject some color into this room! I replaced all their janky bedding with luxurious ones from The Company Store. My niece loves pinks and purples so for accents, I picked out a coral Company quilt, purple embroidered pillow, and pink-striped flannel pillow sham. For my sister, she loves burgundy, so she gets a merlot-colored Company quilt with a colorful Ikat pillow that has some her favorite colors. For the the actual bedding, I always stick to white. It’s a perfect neutral base to work with. I hooked them up with full-size comforters with bamboo duvet covers and twin-size sateen sheets. They are adulting real hard! I always go one size up for comforters so it drapes on both sides of the bed nicely.

This was one drab room with popcorn ceiling to boot. Since we’re not allowed to paint the walls or remove the vertical blinds, I decided to install removable wallpaper. It’s one of the easiest ways to add a lot of character to a space and really simple to install, too. It took me less than an hour to put it up. I’m totally serving them some boutique hotel vibes up in here. I love mixing all these different patterns together to create something visually exciting and personal. The green bed and green wallpaper is playful yet the colors still give you a sense of calm and comfort.

For the nightstand, I installed a floating desk so my niece can do her homework in the bedroom while my mom is watching her favorite dancing show in the living room. Plug-in sconces are my new favorite things because they give you the option of customizing your space without having to do any electrical wiring. And there you have it! Stay tuned for the living room makeover (part two)!



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