Our Crazy Colorful New Orleans Home Tour

We moved into our New Orleans home three years ago (before photos). We really lucked out because it fell out of escrow and we pounced on it! And it's been a really awesome creative journey ever since. I've learned a lot about my style through decorating this home. I mean, who gets 2,100 sq. ft. of canvas to play with? It's gone through many changes as any house of my always does. I wish I could transport it all the way to LA, but where's the fun in that? I love a new start, which means I'm not taking much back with me except some artworks and pillows.

Since I've never given it a proper home tour, here goes! This will still be our home so it isn't a farewell! We love this house so much. We have so many fun memories of being first-time home owners. I still remember our first year when there was a winter freeze and we had to crawl under the house at night to wrap up all the exposed pipes. I was seriously, like, WTF? I didn't think NOLA could get that cold. And apparently, the heartmate saw an animal carcass down there. Yuck! Or that one time when I hired someone to pressure wash the house and they started washing the soffit vents and sprayed water into our attic. I had to crawl up there and remove all the wet pink insulation. A day later, I had an allergic reaction from the fiberglass insulation which looked like bites all over my arms and body. I freaked the F out because I thought I had scabies or something. It was real fun!

Anywho, I just wanna thank you all for following along and supporting my crazy, color-filled decorating adventures. I can't wait to share our next home with y'all!

Photography by Dabito