Laundry Room Makeover

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Laundry Room by Dabito

We are kicking off the new year with a fun and fresh makeover with The Home Depot! We literally live five minutes away from one so it’s basically like our second home, and we’re really excited about this partnership! For this transformation, we are tackling our laundry room. Last fall, we went all out and created a guesthouse for the One Room Challenge but by doing so, we had to ditch our washer and dryer. It was definitely a challenge figuring out where to put the new appliances because we just don’t have much space in our home. And then we had an ah-ha moment and decided to turn our storage room downstairs into a laundry room! As you can see, it was pretty dingy looking before. Everything was haphazardly built so this was the perfect opportunity to turn it into something more functional and fabulous! Here are some before photos.

Scary, right? There are two small doors that leads into the foundation of our home. So whatever we plan to do, there needs to be access down there. My plan for this laundry room is to keep it pretty simple. The room is 8x9 so it it’s not huge. And since the storage room is separate and under our home, we think it’ll be sweet to add a washing station for our pups, Luigi and Sterling, And maybe our new kitty, Verbena will splash around in it, too? Wait, didn’t I just say that I wanted to keep this simple? But our kids are begging us for their own private bath so it must be done! Ha!

Laundry Room Design 6.jpg

My vision for the laundry room started out pretty basic. I wanted this done on a budget and fast! You feel me?! I was tired of lugging our clothes to a laundromat. Anywho, we installed a couple of base cabinets and a butcher block countertop. The washer and dryer are stacked because of how tight the space is. Putting it in the corner allows a better flow. I wanted to keep the walls mostly white and then infuse bold colors and artworks to make the space really pop!

Laundry Room by Dabito
Laundry Room by Dabito

My dad and I ripped out everything and added new frames and drywall. It’s like a whole new space, already! And we completed this room in just three short weeks!

Laundry Room by Dabito

Bam! Our new laundry room! I can’t tell you how excited I am to be washing my clothes and bedsheets again. We picked out a pair of sexy, black stainless Samsung washer and dryer from Home Depot. They both have steam functions and get this, they also have smart features, which means I can monitor them remotely. Pretty neat, right? The washer also as this add-in door. You know when you find that one dirty sock after you’ve already run the washer? Well, you can just drop it right into that little door even while it’s washing.

Considering filling this decanter with detergent. Bahaha!

Laundry Room by Dabito
Laundry Room by Dabito

Almost everything in the laundry room is from The Home Depot, including the rough materials. We opted for porcelain wood tiles because it’s really durable and economical. And then I layered it up with all the rugs we brought back from New Orleans. We got so many artworks and rugs we have no place for them in our house, so this was the perfect place to showcase them. Here’s the thing, the laundry room is still an extension of our home so why not make it just as lovely?! This will definitely spark plenty of joy while doing laundry!

Laundry Room by Dabito

Hey, Marie Kondo, you proud of my folded towels in baskets? The boo is obsessed with her and he’s been on a basket binge.

Laundry Room by Dabito
Laundry Room by Dabito

The boo also wanted an in-wall ironing board. I honestly never iron. It just takes too much time, don’t you think? The boo likes his shirts and pants nice and crisp, so whatever boo wants, boo gets! And for the puppy bath, it’s 30”x40” with 42” half wall. We also created a ledge. We installed white 3x6 white subway tiles stacked horizontally with dark grey grout for the walls and hexagon tiles for the floor. And we used bullnose tiles from a local tile shop. The hand shower and trim are Delta Faucet. I decided to go matte black for all the fixtures and door levers and I’m into it. I typically do brass so this is a nice change.

Laundry Room by Dabito

A little bit of art, rugs, plants, and paint really does wonders to a space.

I think someone’s excited about his own private bath!

Laundry Room by Dabito
Laundry Room by Dabito

The door color is BEHR Rice Curry in satin finish. And I’ve been craving curry ever since I painted those shaker doors. The deep blue teal color on the cabinets is BEHR Undersea also in satin finish. Both can be found at The Home Depot. And there you have it! I can’t believe my dad and I finished this laundry room in less than a month. Team work makes the dream work! And sweet thanks to The Home Depot for coming through and helping us get our laundry game back on point!

Laundry Room by Dabito
Laundry Room by Dabito

And just for fun, here are a couple of shots without all the rugs layered. What are you thoughts? More rugs for a maximal look or just one runner for a cleaner look?


Samsung Washer & Dryer
Glass Exterior Door
Shaker Door
Black Lever
3x6 Subway White Tiles
Hexagon White Tiles
Delta Faucet Black Handshower and Valve Trim
Brass Shower Drain
Porcelain Wood Tiles
Butcher Block Countertop
Wood Stain Butcher Block • Golden Oak
In-wall Ironing Board
White Paint • BEHR Polar Bear in Satin Finish
Mustard Paint • BEHR Rice Curry in Satin Finish
Blue Paint • BEHR Undersea in Satin Finish
Recessed Lighting

Sconce | Rugs are all vintage | Hamper | Ladder | Base Cabinet | Door Handles | Shelf | Towels | Baskets

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