Jukebox 24 • Seekender

I'm so thankful that work has taken me to some beautiful places this year. It all kinda happened after summer, too. It started with my partnership with Hampton by Hilton where I traveled to Boston for a Seekender trip. It was a fun getaway. And now, with all the holiday shenannigans going on, there will be plenty of traveling for everyone, I'm sure. So, here's a new jukebox with ten sweet tunes for your holiday adventures. Don't worry, there are no Santa songs. 

For Christmas this year, we're driving to DC to spend time with my heartmate's family and he's very nervous about it already. He warned me that there's always family drama. That's kind of the fun part with having a big family. It could get real sweet or real ugly, real fast. Haha. The good thing is we aren't staying with them. We got a great deal through Hampton by Hilton so it'll be all good. After a few days in DC, we'll drive to New York to celebrate New Year's Eve with our friends and I'm sooo looking forward to that.

Where's everyone going this time of year? Are you doing family or doing your own thang and traveling to exotic places, like Costa Rica? Jealous!

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Gardens & Villa • Happy Times
Frankie Cosmos • Young
Martin Courtney • Awake
Santigold • Can't Get Enough of Myself
Tobias Jesso Jr. • Can We Still Be Friends
The Dø • Trustful Hands
Jack Garratt • Worry
Waxahatchee • La Loose
Unknown Mortal Orchestra • The World is Crowded
Natalia Lafourcade • Mi Lugar Favorito

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