Hello, Herringbone Wood Floors

Sponsored by Floor & Decor

When we first moved into our home two years ago, the one thing we weren’t crazy about were the laminate floors. The color reminded us of baby’s puke. Yuck! And they were terrible quality, too. We had a lot of bubbling up issues from pet accidents even if it was just puddling for a hot second. Since we decided to create our new master bedroom and bathroom by combining two rooms, we figured this was our opportunity to do something special with the floors for the entire house and not just the bedroom.

I’ve always loved herringbone wood floors and this home really needed that sexy oomph. Most people who visit thinks it’s either a condo or an apartment, which is why we’ve been adding more custom details to give it more character.

We shopped around and stumbled on herringbone floors at Floor & Decor and was immediately smitten. We’ve used their tiles before in our New Orleans bathroom. They have a large inventory of tiles and wood floor options at amazing prices. These bamboo floors are $3.49 a sqft which I think is a good deal. I decided to reach out to them and was thrilled we were able to get them sponsored for our home!

Herringbone floors are a bit trickier than the traditional install. I got about 10 estimates and the numbers were all over the place. We’re only installing about 1075 sqft and the estimates ranged from $3500 to $30,000. How crazy is that? After a couple hiccups (I had to fire two contractors), we ended up with the $3500 quote. This included demo old floors, install new floors, and even baseboards. We ordered 1200 sqft of bamboo floors and five 5-gallons of glue. We still had extra leftovers too. It took seven days to complete and the whole house was turned upside down. It was like starting over and moving into a new home! It was worth it though. You ready for the transformation?!

Here are the two rooms before we knocked down a wall and consolidated the spaces.

We started the install of the herringbone floors in the hallway first because I wanted to make sure there was a center line and then we moved into the rest of the spaces.

And bam! Here’s a peek of our new master bedroom. It’s not completely done because the bathroom is still a work in progress, but we couldn’t wait to sleep in here. The herringbone wood floors add so much depth and dimension to the space. Like, do we even need a rug anymore? Ha! We also put in new windows because I mean, just look at that massive fig tree! I can literally open the side casement windows and pick a fig to snack on. And we had cane doors custom made for us from our friend Patrick of Alder and Oil.

Let me also show you what the living room looks like. Herringbone wood floors adds a touch of elegance, doesn't it? What do you guys think?! After all said and done, materials and labor cost us a little over $9000. I love how it completely transformed our home. I don’t think I’m ever gonna leave our bedroom, to be honest. Now hop on over to Floor & Decor for more floor inspiration and check out their other fabulous herringbone options.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Floor & Decor. All opinions are 100% mine.