Happy National Chocolate Day!

This post is sponsored by American Express.

Like probably many of you reading this, I’m an unapologetic chocoholic. Whether it’s in the form of hot cocoa on a chilly evening, a cone filled with rich chocolate gelato, or the molten middle of a volcano cake, I don’t really discriminate. And my heartmate is even more obsessed with chocolate! So the fact that today is National Chocolate Day presents a dilemma: how should I celebrate first? Now that one of my favorite chocolate makers just opened a factory store in Los Angeles, I’ve got a pretty good idea!

Mast, a Brooklyn-based company, now has its very own spot in the up-and-coming Downtown Arts District, which makes it an even more desirable destination. But let’s face it, it’s the brand’s creative candy bars that has me running through the doors. Mast Chocolates are — first and foremost — uniquely delicious in the fact that they boast hints of ingredients that highlight (never mask) their meticulously crafted chocolate. Olive oil, mint, smoke, almond butter, or even sheep milk might be among the subtle flavors you find in their bars.

And as a design-obsessed creature, I also can’t help but love the attention to the packaging. Take Mast’s Los Angeles flavor collection for example. The six bars, which feature city-inspired flavors like Horachata and Miso & Sesame, utilize prints by the sisters behind Block Shop Textiles, a local brand that uses natural dyes and handmade block prints in patterns that have a modern take on the ancient Indian art form. My LA friends and family are definitely getting these from me for the holidays since its equally practical (edible) and beautiful. A win win win! Mast also offers other city collections for Brooklyn (flavors like Rooftop Chili and Rye) and London (Gin and Black Treacle), among their other tempting individual varieties. 

And as of right now, I can enjoy all the goodies at Mast 2X as much because when I use my American Express Blue Cash Everyday Card from now until December 31st, I’ll earn 2X the rewards by shopping at qualifying small businesses as part of Amex’s #ShopSmall initiative. For me, that means earning 1% cash back for every dollar I spend on things like Popcorn or Toasted Milk Chocolate bars at Mast. That little perk makes splurging on treats for National Chocolate Day feel a little bit gratifying. Want to know if your American Express card is part of this promotion? Check here for details, and if you don’t yet have a card, you can sign up and find other places to shop small this holiday season with this super handy shop small map. In the meantime, I’ll be here devouring chocolate, since after all, isn’t that what today is for?