Han's Living Room Retreat

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We are back with another round of updates at the House of Handrogyny! A few weeks ago I went to Los Angeles to help my bestie, Han, give her living room in her 1920s craftsman home some TLC. She’s always been so sweet to let me stay with her so it’s pretty much my home away from home. And being the gracious guest that I am, I’m hooking her up with some help from Overstock

I happened to also be in town for FYF which is a really fun music festival. After spending an entire day frolicking in the sun and jamming to tunes, we wanted to create a living room you’d be excited to come home to and continue hanging out in. It’s summertime so that means temperatures can get in the triple digits in L.A. While we love being out and about, it’s also nice to have an indoor retreat to stay cool, while still feeling like you’re kind of outdoors. Essentially, we’re bringing the outdoors in!

Han has two large windows in her living room that pull in a lot of indirect light. We decided to leave them wide open without any curtains. Luckily, her house is perched on a hill so that gives them some privacy. However, we still wanted a little more coverage. and that’s where the outdoors came in. We hung up plants, like pothos, ferns, and spider plants in macrame hangers to create a plant curtain. On the floor is a dracaena to fill the window some more. Plants adds so much life to a space. 

She used to have a mid-century red sofa that had some bad tufting on the seats. After a year, it all fell apart so she got rid of it and needed a new sofa desperately. I picked out this grey modular sofa with a wooden frame for her. It has clean lines and the wood frame reminds me of a classic mid-century Milo Baughman sofa. She can add an ottoman later if she wants to create a sectional. It’s such a versatile piece. And because they’re separate pieces, they arrived really quickly.

We chose a neutral jute rug to ground the space. It’s a high traffic area and with two pups, jute is the perfect choice for its durability and it’s easy to clean. Then we layered a Moroccan rug she bought in Marrakech to add some more texture and contrast. 

I love how perfectly the white striped pillow fits into the sea of vibrant Moroccan pillows. The stripes tie all the colors together and make it more cohesive. 

The blue ceramic vase is a beautiful find which resembles a Bitossi. The floor lamp is sculptural and don't you think it looks like a praying mantis snuggling up next to the plants? I think I need one for my living room, too! Pillows on the floor add some extra seating and makes it feel cozier. 

And there you have it! Han’s new living room update! Stay cool this summer, y’all!