Han's Guest Bedroom Spring Update

We got another bedroom update for ya! This is Handrogyny's guest bedroom in LA. It's pretty much my second home. After sprucing up her own bedroom a couple months ago, she decided to tackle her guest bedroom. It was very basic and boring before and desperately needed some color.

Han really loved seeing Justina's Aja wallpaper in my bedroom in New Orleans so she used it in her guest bedroom, too! We just can't stop twinning, can we? So when I flew to LA this past weekend and stayed with her, it felt like sleeping in my own bed. Eventually, our homes will be identical! 

I love how she updated the bedroom. It feels like an oasis in there. The patterns on the wall and on the floors are surprisingly not busy at all. The white bedding really helps lighten it up. And the black closet looks really sexy against the wallpaper. I also love how she uses vases with plants on the nightstands to give it some height. 

See how blah the bedroom was before?