Fleeting Moments

Last Friday, I booked a last minute trip to New York for a friend's 30th birthday. I was a hot mess during the whole weekend. I haven't stayed out past 4am in a very, very long time and boy, did I pay for it. A week later, I'm finally feeling 100% better. So, do you guys ever bid on flights on Priceline? I was able to get mine for $150 round trip the day before my departure, which is a steal. Then, I used HotelTonight for the first time and was impressed by how easy it was to book hotels. It doesn't have a huge list of hotels to choose which I think is a good thing because you're not overwhelmed with options. I stayed at a new hotel called The Renwick. It's in midtown, so it's further up but it was the best deal I found. I had to get some botanicals at a bodega for the room. Can't sleep in a room without plants! You feel me? Alright, my vintage vultures. That's all for now. Have a fantastic weekend!