Film Snaps from 2015

Happy New Year, my vintage vultures! I hope 2016 is off to a fantastic start for everyone. I feel like the year is already flying by. My film rolls from last fall finally got developed so I'm sharing some 2015 fleeting moments. These were taken in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Cancún and South Africa. I'm making a habit of carrying a film camera with me at all times now. I love it. If you're interested in getting into film photography, read my guide on why you should shoot film and follow me on eBay's new photography interest page for more tips, stories and discussions on photography. These were all taken with my Contax T2.

Snoozing at the Le Meridien in San Francisco. The first photo is the view from our room. 

The Sentinel building is such a lovely jade color. Might be my favorite building in SF. 

Across from the Sentinel building is Comstock Saloon, a cute bar and restaurant with lots of monkey figurines hanging around in corners. 

Then we drove down to Los Angeles.

And hung out with my niece who is like an adult now! And I was a terrible uncle this year because I forgot her birthday in November. I was out of the country but that's not a good excuse. To make it up, I got her plenty of gifts for Christmas. 

I'm surprised I got a photo of our Thanksgiving table. We had started drinking in the morning and boy were we drunkeroo by 3pm. Everything happened so fast, with cornish hens flying off plates, so this was the only photo I took that day. 

A visit to Jennifer Young's home. 

Storming in Cancún

And then the most amazing trip of my life happened. South Africa! I have more film snaps from that trip so I'll be sharing more later.