Federica & Ivan's Collected Miami Home

Happy Valentine's Day, my vintage vultures! I'm so excited to share another home tour with you all! Best V-Day gift ever, am I right?!

Today, we're visiting a beautiful Miami home that belongs to a lovely couple, Federica and Ivan. I discovered Federica (@artboheme) on Instagram a few months ago. And after seeing all the beautiful corners of her home, I knew I had to photograph it while I was in Miami last week for work. So, I DM'd her and she was totally down! I love that almost everything in their home is thrifted or from the flea market. Anywho, I'll let Federica take it away from here! 


Photography by Dabito

Tell us a storY!

So nice of you to stop by to see our house! We are Federica Molini and Ivan De Lucia, a husband and wife duo with a passion for the arts and interior design. After moving from our motherland, Venezuela, and residing in Florida for almost twelve years, we have finally settled into this beautiful 1940's Miami house and over the course of a year we have slowly transformed it, giving it a Mid-Century / Boho look and making it feel like more like home. 

What songs are you jamming to right now?

I could name you thousands! Both Ivan and I have a big music selection. I could never settle for THAT ONE song specifically, but I will say that there's always Rodrigo y Gabriela, Bon Iver, Bebel Gilberto, Juan Luis Guerra, and Young The Giant playing in our house! See? I can just go on and on with the list! 


What do you love most about decorating?

The thing that I enjoy the most about decorating is that, for every little corner I get to create in our house, a story for each of its decorative objects rise to the surface when having guests over. Being handed books from the 1700's at no charge, enjoying one-of-a-kind ceramic pieces from my sister's experimental ceramic shop (@casaalfarerasd), and having artwork decorate our walls being found from either a dumpster or choosing from my husband's art collection without a doubt gives the house so much more character and unique style!

everyone's dying to know what that gorgeous color in your mudroom is?

Ralph Lauren, Constantine.

What are your creative words to live by?

I came across this quote years ago and it has stuck with me ever since: "Years and years, but I have a certain amount of faith that it will come." Patience is definitely not one of my virtues, so having this little reminder surely helps! 


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Love how plants are perfectly sprinkled around in their living room. 


I mean, how chic is their kids' room?!

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