All Green Kitchen

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I don’t think it’s a secret to anyone that I crave color when designing a space, and paint has always been a dramatic but relatively simple way to introduce a new shade — and create a totally different mood while doing so. So when BEHR Paint reached out about collaborating on a home project using the BEHRⓇ Color Trends 2021 Palette (all of which are currently available at The Home Depot) it was pretty much a match made in heaven.

I didn’t instantly fall in love with our LA home, so I knew we had some work to do to make it feel like ours. And one of the places that immediately screamed “update me!” was the kitchen. While the kitchen had mostly been updated from the previous flippers, the backsplash tiles were pretty janky. So many chipped tiles and because the countertops are uneven, the tiles never quite lined up perfectly and it’s been bugging me ever since. So I decided to rip out the tiles and just drywall it. Went with a small row of backsplash and a tone-on-tone vibe using paint.

Greens and yellows always grab my attention first, so when checking out the BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette — which was created with the inspiration of making a home that’s more grounding and inviting — I instantly gravitated toward the rich but calming Royal Orchard PPU11-1, an olive-y shade that’s deep enough to still give some serious impact (although the Cellini Gold HDC-CL-18 was a close second!). The idea was to use the color not only on the backsplash in place of the tiles, but also to repaint all of the cabinets, which were a boring grey color. The kitchen needed some love and changing up the whole environment with color was going to be a perfect way to do it. We’re also updating the dining room with wallpaper so I wanted bold on bold! Yes, more is more darling!

If you’ve never painted your cabinets before, it’s important to note that it requires a certain type of paint so that it's resistant to the wear and tear that goes down in the kitchen. Because of that, I grabbed four gallons of Royal Orchard in BEHR PREMIUMⓇ Interior Cabinet & Trim to do the job. And about that job, I decided to hire some professionals to ensure it was done perfectly. They took all the cabinet doors off, moved them to my garage, and sanded down every surface. After that, they primed it using a paint sprayer to give them a smooth and even finish. That dried pretty quickly and then they also used the paint sprayer with the Royal Orchard enamel paint. The painting process took five days to complete.


While there are for sure some projects still left to complete in this space, like installing a vent hood and shelves by the window, I’m so excited to see how far this space in our home has come with paint alone. Using my feature color, Royal Orchard, from the BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette we’re definitely on the right path for our vision. More to come!

I am obsessed with this color! Being able to give our kitchen a totally refreshed and inspiring look makes it that much more meaningful to spend time cooking, eating, and hanging out in there. And it was all done with paint! Let me know if you’d consider going tile-free on your backsplash or repainting your cabinets in a deep, dramatic color! Or, which color(s) from the BEHR Color Trends 2021 Palette you’d use to totally transform a part of your home?